Bay Apache Catahoulas

Blue Sky's Hondo

Bay Apache Catahoulas is located in southwest Missouri. We are a small kennel
that strives to breed the qualities necessary for our dogs to be outstanding in the
bay pen and the woods. Our goal is to breed dogs that train easily, hunt well, bay
well and make great companions. We believe that learning and training is never
complete for us or our dogs. We do not breed our dogs for the sake of producing
puppies. We breed for baying and hunting abilities. We do not breed for color, if
color shows up that is just an extra plus. If we do not have any puppies or dogs
that fit your requirements we can refer you to other quality breeders in which we
place great faith! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and come on in. Always feel free
to call us, we enjoy talking dogs, baying, and hunting!

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